Updates to resource requests & more

We’ve moved the resource request form (ugh I know right). It’ll be a lot easier to request resources going forward using the new request portal, powered by JIRA Service Desk. Aside from resource requests, this is where you’ll request quite literally anything from Shell’s leadership and find documentation on again, pretty much everything we document for our members. The new …

Want your venture logo on startupshell.org?

If you want your logo on the startupshell.org/ventures page, hit up the form linked below. You can also use this form to request that your existing entry on startupshell.org/ventures be updated to reflect new branding! https://my.startupshell.org/forms/venture-website

[New Resource] Announcing Stripe Atlas

Starting a company in the U.S. can be needlessly complicated – endless paperwork, waiting in line at the bank, steep legal fees, and tough decisions about what services to use.  Atlas makes this easy – all you have to do is fill out a simple form. Within days you’ll have a new C Corporation in Delaware, an instantly opened U.S. …

Kappa batch now has swipe access

Hurray! If you still don’t have swipe access, send an email to resources@startupshell.org and we’ll get you squared away.

Kappa batch swipe access has been requested

Feb. 22, 2017 Kappa batch should expect to have this within a maximum of two weeks. I’ll update this post as things progress Missed filling out the Kappa Onboarding form? Hit up this link to get it done.

Spring Semester – Jan 30 2017

Agenda Fundraising Resources Marketing Space Improvements Fundraising (Natalie & Michael) Matthew (301 Investor) – $100k investment Michael spoke with Andrew Wills Andrew suggested Matthew would like the fellows program Andrew also suggested that Matthew would like to see solid flow in the pipeline BAE Systems $10,000 grant Renew the grant Waiting on reply to email (sent on Friday) Potential Fundraising …