The resources request form has moved, click the button under resources: rw to go to the resources request portal.

about resources

In a very short, very quick couple of sentences learn what resources is all about.

Shell’s resources division handles most of the physical aspects of our spaces, and all of the digital/physical tangible resources made available to you as a sheller.

Shell is strongest when the community is involved, which is why we invite you to be a part of our resources decision-making process. See from the directors for more information.

Wondering what resources: ro and resources: rw mean? Respectively, read only and read/write.

top resources (& how to get them)

Stripe Atlas is our newest partnership. Atlas is a service provided by Stripe that get’s your business set up in a short couple of days. You get a C-Corp registered in Delaware, a bank account, and free legal advice.

Read the announcement here.

Resource: Startup Shell members get priority access to Atlas.

Apply to Stripe Atlas

Terrapin Works is the additive manufacturing resource for the Clark School of Engineering and surrounding community.

Resource: Shellers get unlimited free printing (within reason) at the MakerBot Innovation Center. Just mention that you’re a member of Startup Shell at checkout and they’ll get you squared away.

Startup Shell has a Dropbox Team with a total of 100TB of space and 100 user licenses.

Resource: You can apply to be added to this team using the resource request form on this page. You’re not limited in the amount of space you use, but we ask that you keep it to around 1TB if possible.

Creative Market is a design asset marketplace where you can purchase designs from top-quality designers at reasonable prices. Icon sets, logos, and more are all conveniently available in the marketplace. Additionally, free assets are posted once weekly.

Resource: Use the promo code startupshell to get $100 of credit towards design assets.

DigitalOcean Hatch is the philanthropic & entrepreneurial arm of DigitalOcean. Hatch grants credits to developers looking to get their startup off the ground for two years.

Resource: Startup Shell members get $5,000 in credits for a year; these credits can be renewed when they’re going to expire, just open a support ticket.

Apply to DigitalOcean Hatch & indicate you’re in an incubator – Startup Shell.

Amazon Web Services is arguably the world’s largest cloud computing platform. You can spin up servers, run databases, develop IoT devices, and more on the AWS platform.

Resource: Startup Shell members get $5,000 in credits for two years.

Apply to AWS Activate & use the ORG ID vdZc