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NameAbdul Butt
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What areas do you specialize in? (ex: Creative writing, web development, finance, activism, etc.)

I specialize in teaching/tutoring others, public speaking, writing, and research.

Talk about a time where you organized/built/created something.

A time when I organized something was in my senior year where I, along with 2 other club officers, had to manage the first produce garden for our high school. I coordinated with the club members to ensure that there was at least one person to water the garden beds and take out the weeds and have the garden tools readily available. Otherwise, I would take the responsibility myself. After the Summer, our garden had produced enough vegetables that they were served in the cafeteria for a month.

What is something you've learned related to your specializations, and what are your thoughts on it?

After teaching younger students and my own peers for many years, I effectively learned how to be a leader. Teaching younger students especially requires a decent level of patience and persistence. I have learned that people learn in different ways and that you have to be flexible towards dealing with people. Before, I used to make incorrect assumptions about people's abilities, but I later realized that everyone has their own potential.

What are your passions, and how do you engage with them?

My passion is learning more about renewable and non-renewable energy sources and how various systems and technologies within each are engineered. I have engaged with this passion by choosing Chemical engineering as my major in order to further understand the roles a Chemical engineer can have in various energy sources. To demonstrate my engagement, I have completed an internship as a Battery engineer for the U.S army where I developed a lithium ion cell that can be used to power radios and GPS.

Have you applied to Startup Shell before?No
Why do you want to join Startup Shell?

I want to join Startup Shell because I believe that it will be an excellent opportunity to understand more about the business aspect that underlie Energy startups. The Energy industry is particularly more netted with politics and economics which is why I believe that gaining more experience at a startup level will allow me to understand the industry at a nationwide or even international scale. Startup Shell will be an excellent way for to get acquainted with Energy startups.

How did you hear about us?Website
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