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NameJesse Anderson
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What areas do you specialize in? (ex: Creative writing, web development, finance, activism, etc.)

My love of data analytics has led me to produce in-depth research projects for companies like the Computing Research Association that have been dispersed to over 200 of North America’s leading computing research centers, program new websites for companies like Bank of America, and create data-driven reports that have been showcased at conferences like the WYF in Egypt. Throughout my professional career, I have combined my passion for social good with my programming skills to maximize my impact.

Talk about a time where you organized/built/created something.

Throughout my freshman year, I wanted to identify the underpinnings of the HIV crisis in Ukraine and Russia. After researching and drawing data-driven conclusions, I built a chatbot using python that is fully integrated with one of the apps that is used frequently in Ukraine: Telegram. This chatbot, called Caring, uses Artificial Intelligence to make comprehensive, no-judgement HIV education accessible through an app. It’s basically like you’re talking to your knowledgeable, cool best friend.

What is something you've learned related to your specializations, and what are your thoughts on it?

I never neglect the mind mapping process. I think making sure you first understand the problem itself and second can create a roadmap to move forward helps you form that pipeline from project modeling to production. During this process, I try to make sure that my design itself is as simple as possible. I want to make sure that my code is easy to reproduce and organized thoughtfully.

What are your passions, and how do you engage with them?

I believe that data has the power to positively impact our world. I’ve been working jointly with the counseling center to identify different nodes on the pipeline between students and the counseling center where the center is failing students. At the conclusion of the semester, I’ll be presenting my research to the counseling center staff and the computer science department to outline a more streamlined, data-driven approach that will help students get access to the care they need.

Have you applied to Startup Shell before?No
Why do you want to join Startup Shell?

In the Startup Shell, there's an energy found nowhere else. It's a powerhouse of thinkers and tinkerers; mathematicians and musicians; coders and creatives. After all, it's at the frontline of the student startup scene on the University of Maryland's campus. My passion for data analytics, programming, and the shell's mission make me excited by the prospect of working with the people who accelerate the accelerator.

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How did you hear about us?Through email/listserve
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