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NamePeter Feeney
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What areas do you specialize in? (ex: Creative writing, web development, finance, activism, etc.)

Web development, machine learning, programming in general. I enjoy working on the business side of things as well.

Talk about a time where you organized/built/created something.

I started work on a web app that performs matrix transformations on images, PictoMath, in the summer. I've completed the front-end and the majority of the back-end functionality and once I pass (?) CMSC330 and CMSC351 I'll get to work on integrating the two with Flask or some other framework. It's really a very simple application but I think that goes to show you that cool things can be made with nearly trivial amounts of code.

What is something you've learned related to your specializations, and what are your thoughts on it?

I've gotten good with React. I'm a big fan of the kind of modular design that React encourages. Good React components are simple, strictly functional, and reusable. I try to incorporate a React-like design into everything I program.

What are your passions, and how do you engage with them?

I like to build things and one day I want to build something that could truly be called technology -- something that helps people make more from less. Programming gives me a way to make things with almost no barriers to entry. It's as easy as typing create-react-app into the terminal. I also like to think about the future and what we could make it look like.

Have you applied to Startup Shell before?Yes
Why do you want to join Startup Shell?

To be honest with you I'm applying to work on my nascent startup and hopefully have access to the technical/legal/design resources that startup shell provides. I'm really applying to join on the founders track. I thought the application for founders would be open today but apparently it's only for fellows. I emailed the membership account about this.

Being a fellow would be cool if I'm working on a project that I'm interested in. I'm applying to work with people who want to make things.

How did you hear about us?EIP
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