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NameAlden Schmidt
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What areas do you specialize in? (ex: Creative writing, web development, finance, activism, etc.)

I mainly specialize in security with a focus on web applications. I've been active in the security community for close to 6 years now, and have extensive experience in Linux, systems administration, python, docker, and other back-end technologies.

Talk about a time where you organized/built/created something.

Freshman year of high school I founded a cybersecurity club. It grew from a few friends and I, to over 40 active members by my senior year. Upperclassmen gave weekly talks on a whole range of technical topics, and trained underclassmen on how to compete in security CTFs. By graduation, several of our teams were consistently finishing in the top 10% of competitors.

What is something you've learned related to your specializations, and what are your thoughts on it?

Being involved in security I've developed a knack for looking at problems in unusual ways. Discovering vulnerabilities and breaking into systems is all about thinking about things in a new way. It has also improved my ability to write safe code and securely setup applications. Since I know what attackers look for when they attack an application, it makes mitigating those threats easier.

What are your passions, and how do you engage with them?

Ever since I first got my hands on a computer, I've had a passion for technology. I spend most of my spare time doing stuff related to tech, from hacking together projects that nobody will ever see to trying to get a single successful submission on hackernews. Tech inspires me because it allows people to create incredible things, and change the world in ways never thought possible.

Have you applied to Startup Shell before?No
Why do you want to join Startup Shell?

My dream for a long time has been to start and grow a company into something incredible. I love the hunger and drive startups have as they race to get their product to market. I love the late night grinds, and the chaos of trying to solve seemingly impossible problems. Being a part of the Startup Shell will let me engage more with that love and experience the reality of startup life first hand. I hope I can learn some skills along the way to start my own company one day.

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How did you hear about us?Searching for startup incubators at UMD
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