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NameSharon Halevi
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What areas do you specialize in? (ex: Creative writing, web development, finance, activism, etc.)

I have taken coding courses before, and I have developed a little bit in Android Studio and Xcode. I also have leadership experience in my acapella group and gemstone research program.

Talk about a time where you organized/built/created something.

In Technica 2019, I worked with a team on an Android Application to reduce food waste from catering companies that have excess following events. We used Android Studio to create a UI with buttons for posting instances of excess food and entering information and for claiming food that was posted. We then set the app up to populate a Firebase database with the postings to display to users. We won a sponsored competition by Altamira for the best use of a database.

What is something you've learned related to your specializations, and what are your thoughts on it?

My computer science specialization has taught me plenty of coding languages, but also how to think critically about things like logic and efficiency. For example, if I know that certain cases will never happen, I know to program the computer not to check for them and waste running time. My Gemstone and acapella experiences have taught me leadership skills like organizing time, communicating information effectively, and assigning clear work/action items fairly to different members of a group.

What are your passions, and how do you engage with them?

My overall passion is to help humans live more sustainably through technology. I engage with them by studying both computer science and environmental science, as well as starting projects in my everyday life to help this mission. For example, my previously mentioned hackathon project aimed to target the environmental issue of food waste through an application. I also work on many environmental initiatives on campus through the SGA's Sustainability Committee.

Have you applied to Startup Shell before?No
Why do you want to join Startup Shell?

I want to help create the startups that I want to see in the world-- those that focus on the issues I care about like sustainability and social justice. I also would like to observe and learn about how to make my own startup in the future, since that has always been a personal goal of mine. I have a few ideas and I just don't quite know yet what it takes to make them a reality.

How did you hear about us?Word-of-mouth, Dave
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