Our Core Platforms

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Startup Shell has a plethora of platforms that we use to collaborate and communicate. Our primary platforms are listed below and on the dashboard of My Startup shell. My Startup Shell and the Facebook Group are our primary platforms for communication & official interaction. Slack and Facebook Workplace are collaboration tools that we encourage the community to use when working together.

My Startup Shell – Your hub for everything Startup Shell. Find the venture & member directories, resource requests, and events happening in and around the shell.

Facebook Group – Our primary communication platform. Important updates will be posted here, this is generally how we communicate with each other.

Slack – One of our official collaboration tools. Slack works well for people who like to think chronologically & in messaging format.

Facebook Workplace – One of our official collaboration tools. Facebook Workplace works well for people who like to see highlights & content in a rich format.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to your current director team. These platforms may be subject to change in the future & based on community input.

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